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Welcome to The Howard Hughes Eternal Wall
of Trans World Virtual Airlines!

Here we honor the past and present founders and members who have helped shape TWVA into what it is today.

Today we enjoy the fruits of these people's labor and thus have retired their numbers:

1 - Jim Burns

Jim Burns was the original founder of TWVA. Jim also served as the CEO for TWVA and while other CEOs since Jim have left their impression on TWVA, our core principles as well as how we operate TWVA are a direct result of Jim's work and we want to thank him for his contribution as well as giving us the greatest virtual airline to call home.

23 - Sean Pritchett

Sean Pritchett was an early and active contributor in the direction we took at Trans World Virtual. After assuming command from Jim as CEO, Sean became the longest tenured CEO at Trans World Virtual before stepping down in 2005. Under Sean, TWVA reached new heights and service and we would like to acknowledge his dedication and service to TWVA.

128 - Joe Case

Joe Case was one of TWVA's longest tenured members and served as Events Coordinator here until his retirement from the flight sim world in 2009. Joe helped market TWVA through the VATSIM Network as well as serving as a controller with VATSIM. Joe was responsible for several TWVA sponsored Fly-Ins including our top Fly-In, 'The Midwest Triangle' between Ozark, Southwest, and TWVA. Thank you Joe for all your hard work.

302 - Hank Belz

Hank Belz was one of TWVA's longest tenured members as well as instrumental in helping Jim Burns with the creation of TWVA. Hank served as the original fleet designer as well as being responsible for many of the earliest paint schemes used by TWVA. Hank retired from the flight sim community shortly after 2006, but his dedication and leadership here at TWVA are not forgotten.