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We Are Trans World Virtual Airlines

TWVA is a virtual airline created for flight simulation enthusiasts, emulating the former Trans World Airlines.

We have been around now for several years and are dedicated to enhancing your flight simulation experience. Whether you fly "online" for a realistic experience involving other aircraft and real-time air traffic control, or offline with AI Traffic, you will find a friendly atmosphere in which to enjoy your hobby.

TWVA combines the historic schedules and aircraft of TWA along with what TWA would have expanded to if they were still around. The aircraft available at TWVA include:

Boeing: B307 Stratoliner, B707-131/320/331/F, B717-200, B727-100/200/F, B737-800, B747-100/200/400/F, B757-200/F, B767-200/300/F, B777-200/F
Douglas-McDonnell Douglas: DC-3, DC-4, DC-9-10/30/31/41/50, DC-8-F, MD-83, MD-11-F
Embraer: E-120, ERJ-135, ERJ-145, ERJ-170
Lockheed: L-1049 Constellation, L-1011 Tri-Star, L-1011-500F Freighter
Misc: Martin 404, Saab 340, Convari 580, Convair 880, deHavilland DHC-6-300, ATR-42-500, ATR-72-500, BAE JS-41

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Check us out on YouTube as well : TWA Salute    Paint Hangar

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VA Stats

  • Pilots: 76
  • Flights: 13939
  • Hours Flown: 40072.35 Hours
  • Miles Flown: 16144267 NM
  • Passengers Carried: 61515880 Souls
  • Cargo Carried: 71757087 Pounds
  • Flights Today: 1

Current Flights

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Top Landings For October

Pilot Aircraft Arrival Field Landing Rate Date Posted
TWA0451 - Howard LindsayBoeing 737-800 WingletKLAX-610/09/2018
TWA0451 - Howard LindsayBoeing 707 FreighterKMCI-2810/15/2018
TWA2212 - Brian NinnessConvair 880KORD-3110/08/2018
TWA0451 - Howard LindsayBoeing 707-131BPHNL-3410/06/2018
TWA0451 - Howard LindsayBoeing 737-800 WingletKBWI-3410/10/2018

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